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Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino
Dogo Argentino Photo #1


The Argentine-Doge was created by a-courageous game-finder, Dr. Antonio Nores-Martínez, in the middle of these 1920s. The dog was also utilized for military & police work, & also to guardian & guide dog-purposes. The breed has been had a ton of negative-exposure the reason being it became one of the more beloved among dog-enthusiasts that fight.

The Dangerous-Dogs Act restricted the dogs in Great-Britain in 1991, & they have too been banned on Australia since such time. More of the extra talents of the Argentine-Dogo include persecution, monitoring, dog-watching, surveillance, police-work, narcotics-discovery, military, work, focused-compliance & schutzhund.


The Argentine-Dogo isn’t perfect for those that have no previous-experience with dog-ownership. This race could be controlling &, along the lines, it would require a prevailing-owner. It’s vital that the new owners find morals & breeders of a decent-notoriety, since a stable-disposition for the dogs is essential. The dog is so dedicated to the family, and it will do so well keeping his house and domain.

They would also coexist great with the pets among which they’ve been bred. Therefore, they shouldn’t be left-out with children, even if both live well among them. The Argentine-Dogo has an exceptionally surprising-appearance, and displays respect.

There’s no dog progressively committed or either faithful to the owner. Therefore, breeders shall be especially-aware of to whom both transmit incredibly and fearsome-animals.

These preparation of all a strong & possibly wild-animal may present specific-problems. The Dogo requires a teacher who would treat him irremovably & consistently, staying-away from every wrong methodology.


The dog is all white with the short, smooth & soft coat that’s normally so bright. They’ve a massive breast & a rather small-head. Consistent among its origins of persecution & struggle, these gag is expansive & wide, while these eye and ears remains very small. They’re about 25-28 inches tall & can measure the muscular 80-100-pounds.


These preparation of such on strong & possibly wild-animal may present specific-problems. The Dogo equires a teacher that will treat him irremovably & consistently, staying-away from every methodology minus grace.

If these Dogo must be a working-dog, or either a dog-persecutor or either guardian, at this point, the puppy should be recorded at a start-time to respect humans & different animals, as a common-prey.

Regardless of if they’re recorded, they would still show a regular-aggression towards humans as both do towards some different animal when both see a potential-danger to their domain, territory or either food. Therefore, if one claims a Dogo, never give him some opportunity to run-outside, or one could have genuine issues with different animals, or either humans!

Breed Information

Breed Group:Working
Life span:10-12 years
Height:Male: 24–27 inches (60–68 cm)
Female: 24–26 inches (60–65 cm)
Weight:Male: 88–99 pounds (40–45 kg)
Female: 77–88 pounds (35–40 kg)
Litter Size:4-8 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $2800 - $5000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

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2 Oliver Luna
3 Jake Lily
4 Teddy Zoey
5 Bailey Coco
6 Lucky Lilly
7 Cody Ellie
8 Henry Pepper
9 Sammy Layla
10 Bandit Riley
11 Otis Marley
12 Romeo Dakota
13 Rudy Katie
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