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Dingo is also known as Australian Native Dog or Australian Wild dog. It is believed that this dog came to Australia from Asia about 3000 to 4000 years ago. At the beginning of their presence in Australia, they were used as watchdogs or food reserves by Aborigines. Most of them stay and live in the wild and they are considered for one of the largest mammal predators in Australia. By their anatomy Dingo dogs are somewhere between dogs and wolf, they are very beautiful which makes them very attractive for dog owners. This leed people to start to breed them as pets, but they never become fully domesticated.


Dingo is very individual, very stubborn and because of its wild nature very easily frightened. But they are very smart. Their socialization should very early and owners must be very authoritative and dominant. They are very curious and sensitive to their surrounding. But also they are very territorial. Because it is in their nature to live in a pack, they need an alpha to control them or they will have the urge to be alpha. It is in their nature to hunt. If the training and rising are right they can be amazing pets, they are very careful, playful and good with kids, also they are very loyal.


Dingo is a medium-size dog typically 3.5 to 4 feet ( 1,1 to 1,2 meters) long, 12 to 13 inches ( 30 to 33 centimeters) tall and weighs from 22 to 33 lbs ( 10 to 15 kg). Their color is usually sandy yellow, red ginger, or cream. They are very athletic and strong. Dingos can open their jaw very wide, their teeth are very large and sharp. All of their senses are extremely good and sharp. They communicate with howls like wolfs but they are very quiet as pets.

Life span and breeding

They breed once every year between March and July. They four to six puppies with 63 female gestation period. Their lifespan as a pet is usually about 10 years but there are cases where they live up to 15 years.


Dingo coat is short soft but very dense. They can adapt both to a cold and hot climate. They shed very moderately. Their coat is very easy for maintaining, one grooming per week is enough to remove fallen hair. If they live in a hot climate they are shedding in the summer months.

Breed Information

Breed Group:None
Life span:16-20 years
Height:19-23 inches (48-58.5 cm)
Weight:50-70 pounds (23-32 kg)
Litter Size:2-8 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $500 - $1000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Baxter Piper
2 Marley Maddie
3 Beau Roxie
4 Blue Missie
5 Moose Millie
6 Rex Kona
7 Loki Holly
8 Bo Harley
9 Boomer Minnie
10 Joey Athena
11 Luke Hazel
12 Gunner Josie
13 Chase Bonnie
14 Brady Penelope
15 Ranger Gigi
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