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These bulldogs one get now have a much different environment from these of the ancestors. The dogs are dropped from the ancient-Asiatic mastiff, though their growth took place on Great Britain. These name bulldog, that is medieval on origin, relates not just to these vigorous looks of the little bull, that this hostile-dog has, though also on the authority among which the dog jumped bulls in stage combat before which exercise held forbidden at law in these nineteenth age.


Bulldogs remain some of these gentlest dogs that are, though their presence might imply otherwise. The dogs are somewhat hostile toward invaders and not more will take it on as both possess more of courage. These Bulldog remains a so caring and reliable-dog that is so gentle among children. The breed is renowned for its fearlessness and excellent guarding capabilities. Observing that these Bulldog is somewhat stubborn, both can too be very determined, causing it to not give-up without the fight.


The dogs doesn't require more of support when it gets to these grooming of the coats. These Bulldog shall only be cleaned with a stiff hair brush-occasionally. They shall also just be washed when it's really necessary. Viewing that both have more of wrinkles at their face, both can be cleaned with a damp-cloth to wash inside these wrinkles. These Bulldog is the average shedding-dog.


First socialization & obedience education is important for these Bulldogs as both have a great tendency to do very tough & wilful. It's important that the owners establish the dominance first on. This means a dog which will not end well if severe and cruel practice methods remains used. Training shall always be prepared in any firm, just & tolerant manner.

These Bulldogs too loves to do admired & receive a bonus if both have made well. Both have amusing characters and love to joke-around. These Bulldog is curious and watchful, & will get-along fairly well among strangers & other strangers. Other males might be dog-aggressive, but on general both get aside well with different dogs. The breed wants company and would not do great without it.


Bulldogs lead to have difficulties among breathing, & some of this have small-windpipes. This breed too has bad vision & is at danger of heat-stroke in summer. Both are also so sensitive to freezing weather. The reason being of their big heads, more puppies are given by caesarean-section.

These Bulldog owns a very powerful digestive-system which might offend people among sensitive noses. The dogs are too vulnerable to skin-infections & hip and knee-problems. Some general health difficulties in the dogs are to eye problems & respiratory difficulties.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #5
2017: #5
2016: #4
2015: #4
Origin:United Kingdom
Breed Group:Non Sporting (AKC:1886)
Companion (UKC)
Life span:8-10 years
Height:12-16 inches (31-40 cm)
There is no prescribed height, but shorter Bulldogs are more prized when being shown
Male: 53-55 pounds (24-25 kg)
Female: 49-51 pounds (22-23 kg)
Colors:Brindle & White
Fawn & White
Fawn Brindle & White
Gray Brindle
Red & White
Red Brindle
Red Brindle & White
Litter Size:4-5 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $1200 - $2000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Rocky Sadie
2 Toby Maggie
3 Oliver Luna
4 Teddy Zoey
5 Leo Abbie
6 Sam Annie
7 Shadow Callie
8 Rocco Cookie
9 Blue Missie
10 Thor Winnie
11 Samson Mocha
12 Koda Cleo
13 Kobe Grace
14 Ranger Gigi
15 Benji Sassy
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