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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon Photo #1


The Brussels Griffons roots begin in Brussels, Belgium in the early 1800s. This toy breed was started to be a ratter in stables of horse-drawn cabs. Apparently, they were very skilled at hunting rats from the cabs and killing them. 

They carried out this task until the breed was crossbred to produce the adorable human- like face of the Brussels Griffon. The queen quickly fell in love with the breed and helped boost them out of the stables cabs and into people's homes. In 1910, the first AKC Brussels Griffon was registered and the love affair with this breed continued to grow.

The breed only gets to about 8-12 pounds. The Brussels Griffon requires a home that it can live indoors. The breed is at a high risk of heat stroke because of the flat face.


Brussels Griffons are sensitive, devoted, sociable and energetic. They make great pets for adults who love to spend time with their furry friends because the Brussels Griffons has a strong desire to hang out with its people. This love of socializing has earned the breed the nickname of "velcro dog." 

The breed can tend to get naughty if it feels like he hasn't received the attention he wants and become quite vocal or perhaps turn over trash or the like. Brussels Griffons do not make good playmate companions for children since they can be sensitive and the rough play can be overwhelming to the breed. Life with the Brussels Griffon will never be boring as they are known to be very comical dogs and to also hold themselves in high regard despite their small stature.

Another important aspect of the breed is that they are very athletic and must have a fence that cannot be dug under or climbed.


The average lifespan of the Brussels Griffon is approximately 12-15 years. The breed is not known for suffering any major health issues as long as they are cared for properly. As with any breed, minor problems may show up such as canine hip dysplasia, cataracts or weak bladders.


Brussels Griffons come in 4 colors red, black and reddish brown, black and tan, and black. They can be a smooth coat or rough coat. The breed does not shed easily and requires minimal grooming. It is desirable to brush the rough coat about 2 times per week with an additional hand-stripping approximately every 4 months. The smooth coat would only require normal brushing 2 times per week.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #94
2017: #94
2016: #97
2015: #95
Breed Group:Toy (AKC:1910)
Companion Breeds (UKC)
Life span:12-15 years
Height:7-8 inches (18-20 cm)
Weight:6-12 pounds (2.5-5.5 kg)
Black & Tan
Litter Size:1-3 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $800 - $1000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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