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Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur
Black Mouth Cur Photo #1


The Black-Mouth Cur happened first bred on the Southern-part of the United-States. The dogs were meant to be so versatile operating dogs. The breed has great hunting skills, particularly for these hunting of raccoon, squirrel, bear, boar, & mountain lion. These Black Mouth-Cur is also utilized for these herding on cattle, and too as guard-dogs. The dogs are originally working dogs, though they too make fine-companions.


It's well known what the Black-Mouth Cur offers an excellent hunting-dog, and more hunters prefer the dogs above every other. Any of the preys involve boar, coon, bear, squirrel & deer. The dog would never back-away, and would kill & catch medium-sized play without every hesitation. 

These Black Mouth-Cur is more very competent at treeing & baying & will most never trot. While hunting, these Black Mouth-Cur will each walk or either engage on a ground-covering-run. The dogs are enthusiastic-hunters, but both can to her animals if needed. Though these puppies are determined and intense while working, both are very protecting and kind-toward the families. One will find which both are devoted & without fear, & they choose to please the master. 

These male dogs remain particularly liking toward women, though wary toward foreign men. That is the breed having strong protective senses. He's affectionate & quite true to these children on his human-family & often allows it be understood that he's displeased if both are disciplined. He's more likely to do familiar & loveable to these women in these household, being-aloof with these men & wary of unfamiliar men.


These Black Mouth-Cur has short-hair, and both are so easy on groom. Both can be cleaned and brushed on removing their dead & loose hairs. The dogs shall only be washed when required, as extreme bathing would dry out these skin & will end in skin difficulties. Their ear-canals should too be kept-free of hair, & their toenails shall be cut.


That is the breed that's very delicate and clever. It's recommended that both receive best obedience & socialization training. That is a puppy that won't react properly on cruel & unkind training ways. The Black-Mouth Cur would do best among training sessions which are diverse & not so long. These training conditions for the dogs should too be courteous, fair & consistent. These Black Mouth-Cur is so voice sensitive, & a stern-voice should be utilized carefully for the excellent results to be obtained. The breed shall be exercised as quickly as both arrive at one's home. The Black-Mouth Cur shouldn't be left solely with different animals.

Health issues

The Black-Mouth Cur owns no known well-being issues.

Breed Information

Origin:United States
Breed Group:Hound
Scenthound (UKC)
Size:Medium to Large
Life span:12-18 years
Height:16-25 inches (40-64 cm)
Weight:45-95 pounds (20-43 kg)
Litter Size:5-10 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $300 - $500 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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