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Basset Hound

Basset Hound
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Originally bred for rabbit and small game hunting, the Basset hound is designed for hunting, but can also easily transition to household life, adores being around children and is an easy-going, family friendly dog.


Great at living in apartments or smaller homes, the Basset Hound is easily adaptable to city life, is a fairly straight-forward and easy-going bread for new dog owners and has a medium adaptability rating for new experiences. It fares equally well in both cold and warm weather, although it prefers a more moderate climate, and does fairly well at being left alone while the family is at work.


Basset Hounds rate off the charts in regards to affection and friendliness. They do wonderfully around kids of all ages, they react well towards other dogs as well as strangers and are incredibly loyal to "their" families. This makes them an easy dog when interacting with other people on a regular basis, as well as on walks or trips to the dog park.


Although easy and affectionate, pure-bred Basset Hounds can experience a multitude of health problems due to generations of type-specific breeding. They are surprisingly easy to groom and shed very little compared to other similar breeds and drool much less than other popular breeds. They are at high risk for weight gain when exposed to a sedentary lifestyle, and potential owners should take special care to feed nutrient-rich food regularly and to not leave food out constantly to discourage over eating.


While Basset Hounds are incredibly intelligent and responsive, they are often at odds with their natural hunting instincts when placed in an urban environment. As a result, their training potential is at odds with their intelligent and natural instincts. They are, however, unlikely to attempt to escape or run away if given the opportunity, preferring to stay close to their "family." Like all hound breeds, Basset Hounds are verbal and extremely likely to howl when left alone or excited.


Unlike other working dogs, Basset Hounds do not have as high of an energy level as potential owners may expect, and are perfectly content to play couch potato with their human companions. They can be playful, but are also content to hang out and do not act out behaviorally when not stimulated enough. That being said, due to their high likelihood of weight increases and their potential for health problems, regular exercise is mandatory for a health and happy dog.


Due primarily to the health concerns common with the breed, the Basset Hound life expectancy is between ten and twelve years.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #39
2017: #39
2016: #39
2015: #39
Breed Group:Hound (AKC:1935)
Scenthound (UKC)
Life span:10-12 years
Height:Male: 12-15 inches (30-38 cm)
Female: 11-14 inches (28-36 cm)
Weight:Male: 50-65 pounds (23-29 kg)
Female: 45-60 pounds (20-27 kg)
Colors:Black and Tan
Litter Size:6-8 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $300 - $500 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Charlie Lucy
2 Rocky Sadie
3 Milo Penny
4 Sam Annie
5 Bandit Riley
6 Moose Millie
7 Otis Marley
8 Joey Athena
9 Oreo Macy
10 Koda Cleo
11 Brutus Mimi
12 Copper Cocoa
13 Bubba Nina
14 Benji Sassy
15 Scooter Oreo
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