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Andalusian Hound

Andalusian Hound
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The Andalusian Hound is a type of hound of Spanish origin specifically in the Andalusia region. The breed is highly related to a number of Iberian breeds including, the Maneto, Portuguesse Podengo, Podenco Canario and Ibizan Hound. The breed has a muscular build which befits a hunting breed. They come in three distinct sizes as well as coats. The three coats are longhair, wirehair and smooth with different shade of white and reddish brown. Though, they do not have an undercoat it is advisable to regularly brush them to prevent matting in longer coats and reduce shedding.


The Andalusian Hound is playful and cheerful and most of the smaller versions consequently do well with children as they have a natural desire to please. They can, therefore, grow to be a cherished part of a family. They, however, can be little over energetic and therefore need a lot of exercises such as running in a fenced yard all long walks. The Andalusian Hounds are also very suspicious of strangers and are ideal watchdogs.


The Andalusian Hound can be small, medium or large. The small versions of the breed weigh about 11 to 24 pounds and the breed stands at about 13 to 17 inches. The medium version range from 22 to 49 pounds and stand at around 17 to 21 inches tall. The large Andalusian stand at about 21 to 24 inches and weigh an estimated 46 to 73 pounds on average. The medium and smaller versions of the breed are recommended for children due to their docile like behaviours and desire to please always. while the larger breed is preferred as a guard dog due to its suspicious nature and muscular tone.


Andalusian Hounds have an average lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. however, they can live much longer if well taken care of. They are not prone to health issues as they are quite an ancient breed. However, some of the conditions that have been known to affect them include eye conditions, arthritis, and infections.


The Andalusian Hound breed has an average litter size of 3 to 5 puppies. Breeding is a critical factor as in all other dogs due to the different sizes and coats. besides, puppies with differing coats can be born in the same litter. Further, as the Andalusian Hounds are a relatively high-energy breed puppies need to be socialized and trained quite early to enable them develop better skills. The Andalusian Hound is a breed you should consider having for your watchdog as well as companionship pet

Breed Information

Breed Group:Hound
Size:Small, Medium, Large
Life span:10-12 years
Temperament:Excellent sight
Height:Small: 12-17 inches (30-43 cm)
Medium: 16-21 inches (40-53 cm)
Large: 20-25 inches (50-63 cm)
Weight:Small: 11-24 pounds (5-11 kg)
Medium: 22-40 pounds (10-18 kg)
Large: 46-73 pounds (20-33 kg)
Litter Size:3-5 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $300 - $500 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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