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The Alaunt is an extinct dog breed. The original breed existed in Europe, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. The original Alaunts closely resembled Mastiffs. In France, three distinct breeds of the Alaunt existed. They include Alaunt Boucherie, Alaunt Veantre, and the Alaunt Gentile. They were large and had short coats. The Alaunt Gentil was similar to a greyhound dog. The Gentil and the Veantre were eventually assimilated into the local hunting breeds.

  • The Boucherie played a critical role in the development of the fighting and baiting dogs in France. The Boucherie was known as the Alaunt Butcher in England.
  • In Spain and Italy, they were called Alano. They were used in cattle herding.
  • In Spain, the three breeds were referred to as Mastins, Alano and Lebrels.
  • They were originally bred in Europe for shepherding. Later they were used to fight wars.
  • They had a variety of colors including tan, brown, white and black.
  • They had long to medium tails. They were muscular with thick thighs and a wide chest. Their ears were short and floppy.
  • They are regarded as the ancestors of the original bull-breeds. They are regarded as the ancestors of the original bull-breeds.

In modern times some controversy has arisen due to the fact that some breeders have tried to pass off other breeds as Alaunts.


  • The Alaunt brimmed with energy and they were also intelligent. They were also very adaptable. They could be used for hunting or in war.
  • Their intelligence made them very independent. They were very loyal to their pack leaders.
  • They tended to be very bossy. They were adventurous, alert and active. 
  • They enjoyed being around other people or other animals.
  • Some breeds were friendly while others were independent and were not bound to their owners.
  • They had a natural hunting instinct though they were not very aggressive. 


Their short, smooth coats made their grooming an easy task.
It was highly recommended for beginners. Their easy maintenance made them easy to care for during war or herding.


The Alaunts shedding was little and sometimes they did not shed.

Litter Size

The Alaunt produced a litter of between six to ten puppies.


Due to their high levels of intelligence, Alaunts could be easily trained. They obeyed commands seventy percent of the time.


Alaunts were excellent watchdogs. They were observant and consistent in their efforts. They had excellent hearing and vocal cords. They were very protective and territorial.

Health Concerns

There were no known health concerns for the Alaunt.

Breed Information

Popularity:2022: #1
2021: #1
2020: #1
2019: #1
2018: #1
2017: #1
2016: #1
2015: #1
Origin:Middle East and Asia
Breed Group:Hunting
Size:Medium to Large
Life span:10–12 years
Height:Smaller Alaunts: Height: 22- 28 inches (56-71 cm.)
Medium Alaunts: Height: 23-33 inches (58-84 cm.)
Weight:Smaller Alaunts: Weight: 35-55 pounds (16-25 kg.)
Medium Alaunts: Weight: 55-90 pounds (25-41 kg.)
Large Alaunts: Weight: 90-150 pounds (41-68 kg.)
Litter Size:6–10 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $600 - $800 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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3 Murphy Ruby
4 Zeus Sasha
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8 Brody Ella
9 Blue Missie
10 Simba Phoebe
11 Ziggy Jasmine
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