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Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu
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The Shiba Inu is a small to medium-sized dog breed that originated in Japan. They are known for their fox-like appearance and independent nature. Here are some key features and characteristics of the Shiba Inu:

Shiba Inus are a small to medium-sized breed that typically weigh between 17 to 23 pounds and stand about 13 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a thick double coat that comes in a variety of colors, such as red, black and tan, and sesame. They have a distinctive curled tail and pointed ears.


Shiba Inus are known for their independent and sometimes stubborn nature. They are intelligent dogs that can be trained, but they may require more patience and persistence compared to other breeds. They are loyal to their families, but may be reserved around strangers. They are generally good with children, but may not tolerate rough play or teasing.


The average lifespan of a Shiba Inu is between 12 to 15 years. They are generally a healthy breed, but like any other breed, they may be prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, and allergies.


Shiba Inus have a thick double coat that sheds heavily twice a year. They require regular brushing and grooming to manage their shedding and keep their coat healthy. However, outside of shedding season, they have relatively low maintenance grooming needs.


Shiba Inus are intelligent dogs that can be trained with positive reinforcement methods. However, they have an independent nature and may be more challenging to train compared to other breeds. Early socialization and training is important to prevent behavioral issues.


Shiba Inus are a moderately active breed that require daily exercise. They enjoy walks and playtime in a fenced yard, but they should always be kept on a leash when outside of a secure area. They may not be well-suited for apartment living, as they can be vocal and may become destructive if bored or not exercised enough. Shiba Inus are an independent and loyal breed that require patience and persistence in training. They have a thick double coat that sheds heavily twice a year, but they have relatively low maintenance grooming needs outside of shedding season. With proper care and training, they can make wonderful companions for those looking for a small to medium-sized dog breed with a unique personality.

Breed Information

Popularity:2022: #45
2021: #45
2020: #44
2019: #45
2018: #45
2017: #45
2016: #44
2015: #45
Breed Group:Non Sporting (AKC:1992)
Life span:12-15 years
Height:Male: 14-16 inches (36-41 cm)
Female: 13-15 inches (33-38 cm)
Male: 18-25 pounds (8-11 kg)
Female: 15-20 pounds (6.8-9 kg)
Colors:Black & Tan
Red Sesame
Litter Size:2-4 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $800 - $1000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Cooper Molly
2 Jack Lola
3 Murphy Ruby
4 Cody Ellie
5 Baxter Piper
6 Sam Annie
7 Jasper Olive
8 Hank Belle
9 Scout Honey
10 Rex Kona
11 Tyson Scout
12 Tank Callie
13 Samson Mocha
14 Oreo Macy
15 Chewy Nikki
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