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Majestic Tree Hound

Majestic Tree Hound
Majestic Tree Hound Photo #1


The Majestic Tree Hound is a fairly new breed, developed within the last century. It is believed, however, that the majestic tree hound is an attempt to return to the roots of the Bloodhound line. The original bloodhounds were large, strong, and hardworking. They were bred to hunt down both large game as well as poachers. During the earlier years of English nobility, these bloodhounds were used for fox hunts and eventually bred for speed rather than strength.

Lee Newhart Jr. wished to recreate this ancient breed and bred accordingly. When he grew sick of his dogs being compared to modern-day hounds, he sought to register a new breed. In 1980 his goal was realized and the Majestic Tree Hound became a recognized breed.


The Majestic Tree Hound is a loyal dog. They are known for their incredible friendliness but are prone to separation anxiety. They are social and do well with other dogs and large families. They respond well to obedience training and acting out in any way is uncommon for the breed.

Most of all, they are natural-born hunters. They have a strong sense of smell and can genuinely lose themselves in scents. They have a superb work ethic and appear to enjoy anything they are doing as long as their owner is nearby. They do require regular activity and can become hyper if they do not receive regular exercise.


The Majestic Tree Hound usually lives between 10 and 13 years. Their most common health ailment is Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) which is normal for dogs this size. They can struggle with obesity as well as ear infections and a proper diet and hygiene routine is important for a healthy dog.


The Majestic Tree Hound has a short, relatively dense coat. The fur is straight and can be an allergen. Not a whole lot of maintenance is involved, although a weekly grooming routine would be advised. If there is a need to wash its coat, do not give it a bath. The oils in its fur offer important protection. Instead, take a damp cloth and give the hound a good rubdown.

Shedding is moderate. Regular, weekly grooming sessions can help with this. Nutrition can also play a factor in any dog's shedding, so it's important to understand the breeds nutritional requirements.


Being a larger dog, the Majestic Tree Hound will require a fair amount of food. On average they consume three cups a day. It is important not to overfeed these hounds, as they can develop hyperthyroidism and bloat.

Breed Information

Origin:United States
Breed Group:
Size:Large to Giant
Type:Cross Breed
Life span:10-13 years
Height:24-30 inches (61-76 cm)
Weight:73-110 pounds (33-50 kg)
Black and Tan
Litter Size:2-6 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $600 - $800 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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