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Who Would Have A Havanese?

Anyone who loves a totally cute dog who adores humans.

These tiny dogs, with their long wavy hair and extremely affectionate nature, are great with children and adults alike. You can carry a Havanese around in your arms all day (they are only around 4kg) and they won't complain. In fact they just love being with their humans whatever they are doing and can get quite sad if left alone.

They are very tolerant of all sorts of grooming and dressing up too if you want them for a showpiece - but they are just as happy with simple cuddles and a bit of pampering.

A Teeny Global Traveller

It is believed that the Havanese originated in the Mediterranean and were taken to the New World with the Conquistadors, or maybe Italian explorers. There, they were prized as companions by the noble ladies and because their typical colour at the time was called Havana Brown - they were to become associated with Cuba. So beloved were they in that country - they became the country's National Dog.

Brought to America in recent times, their appeal - and range of colours - expanded and grew. Now available in over 25 stunning colours, their alternate name of 'Spanish Silk Poodle' gives a clue as to the luxurious nature of their coat and why they are so prized the world over.

Healthy, Long-lived And Beautiful

Living up to 15 years of age, these compact dogs are little over 20cm in height and have no breed-associated health issues. Havanese are a no-shed breed also - so although it is best to groom them several times a week they won't be dropping those pale hairs all over.

Unlike working dogs, this toy breed doesn't require (and probably wouldn't like) long walks in the mountains. They are fine on short walks in the city with some fresh air. They would much prefer to be carried in busy places or over longer distances.

A Loyal Lap Dog

Great watchdogs for their size, a Havanese will be alert to intruders, surprise visitors or unsuspecting wildlife. Nothing will get past their excellent hearing without them telling you first.

As with other breeds of similar origin and appearance, such as the Bolognese and the Bichon, they need firm and consistent training. Picking them up is all t0o easily done - so they don't often learn doggie manners - they just get more human kisses by attracting attention to themselves!

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #23
2017: #23
2016: #23
2015: #24
Breed Group:Toy (AKC:1996)
Companion (UKC)
Life span:14-16 years
Height:8-11 inches (20-28 cm)
Weight:7-13 pounds (3-6 kg)
Litter Size:1-9 puppies, average 4
Puppy Price:Average $900 - $1200 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Cooper Molly
2 Jack Lola
3 Toby Maggie
4 Louie Mia
5 Jackson Emma
6 Sam Annie
7 Sammy Layla
8 Bruno Princess
9 Boomer Minnie
10 Ace Sugar
11 Joey Athena
12 Koda Cleo
13 Sparky Shadow
14 Brutus Mimi
15 Bruce Heidi
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