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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog Photo #1


The German shepherd dog can be traced all the way back to 19th century germany where breeders wanted to create the perfect herding dog. Rumors say that it involved breeding the ancestor of the German shepherd dog with wolves and thus the breed we know. This may be sceptical, as the german shepherd dog is actually descended from the Thuringian, but the latter does show genes more close to wolves so it may be up to debate. Overall, the German shepherd dog is genetically no different than any other dog when it comes to wolf ancestry. Overtime the german shepherd dog became a popular breed to own and even survived the anti-german sentiment of both world wars, showing how good it is.

German shepherds were recognised as a breed at the same time doberman pitchers were in 1906.

German shepherd dogs have multiple sub-breeds such as the east european shepherd, the king shepherd, and shiloh shepherd. All of them are pure breeds under the AKC.

Temperament towards humans

There is a reason German shepherd dogs are popular, they are really good at guarding things. This gave them the reputation of being police and military dogs. This itself made the dogs controversial later on as they were involved in many attacks towards humans in the late 20th century. Despite this the German shepherd dog is a loyal and trusty companion and can easily be trained to follow commands. They are also friendly towards their owners and are great companions for children as they will even be life companions to them. Overall the German shepherd dog is a good breed that will be loyal to the end and will always defend its loved ones from danger.

German shepherd dogs are a one man breed, meaning that they will get attached to their owner rather than the entire family.


Overall, German shepherd dogs live an average of 9 to 13 years, depending on the sex and also has a variety of health issues once it gets older. Owners should be aware to always check for hip dysplasia once their German shepherd is a senior dog and to always feed it the proper amount each day. The German shepherd also suffers from pancreatic ailments due to the way it was originally inbred at the early years of its inception.

The German shepherd's pancreatic illnesses can be easily treated by monitoring its diet.


As the German shepherd dog is double coated, it will constantly shed its fur so you as an owner should brush the breed every week. Do not shave the dog completely as the double coated fur protects the breed from the cold as well as the heat. Be sure to also check for ticks when grooming the dog as they may bring other illnesses.

Having a double coat, German shepherd dogs can be bred in many environments, which is why it is seen everywhere.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #2
2017: #2
2016: #2
2015: #2
Breed Group:Herding (AKC:1908, UKC)
Size:Medium to Large
Life span:10-13 years
Height:Male: 24-26 inches (60-65 cm)
Female: 22-24 inches (55-60 cm)
Weight:Male: 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)
Female: 49-71 pounds (22-32 kg)
Black and Tan
Black & Silver
Black & Red
Litter Size:6-10 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $800 - $2000 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Rocky Sadie
2 Tucker Bailey
3 Teddy Zoey
4 Henry Pepper
5 Shadow Callie
6 Moose Millie
7 Boomer Minnie
8 Peanut Trixie
9 Gunner Josie
10 Oreo Macy
11 Kobe Grace
12 Brady Penelope
13 Ranger Gigi
14 Mac Ava
15 Chewy Nikki
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