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Berger Picard

Berger Picard
Berger Picard Photo #1


The Berger-Picard is possibly the earliest of all these French shepherd dogs. The breed arrived into Picardy in AD-800. The dogs have done named following the Picardie-region in north-eastern section of France. Other experts believe the breed is joined to these more popular-Briard & Beauceron. Different believes both share the origin with these Dutch & Belgian Shepherd-dogs.


It's advised that one should have any previous dog-ownership experience ere getting among these dogs. These Berger Picard owns a very delicate and self-assured-nature. You would find that the dogs are too extremely-loyal and calm. Both get along great with kids, dogs & other animals - particularly if both have been established with them. These Berger Picard remains a very thorough, lively & alert dog.

These Berger Picard would however not perform properly if both are cut-off or either uncared for-and this may lead to harmful behaviour. The breed would do so well protector of their groups, livestock and the territories.


These coat of these Berger-Picard should just be brushed or brushed 2 times per month, particularly when they're shedding through spring & autumn. These fur of the dogs shouldn't be cleaned or either trimmed. It could be cleaned-off when dirty. That is a so light shedding-breed, and both also own no doggie-smell.


The breed is very intelligent, & also so quick on learning. The Berger-Picard breed would need to remain socialised & trained in compliance from so early on. The dogs also own a so stubborn streak, & can too be so temperamental. It's advised on their training-sessions are small and diverse on avoiding boredom. That is a kind that won't respond confidently to harsh or either unkind training-methods. Training shall be done-in a victim, fair & firm manner.


Any of these Berger Picard's hurt from hip-dysplasia, but it's not very popular as the dogs aren't very heavy. Any of these puppies will too get eye diseases because of breeze and dirt which gets into the eyes. While older than-one year, they would not struggle among this anymore. Both also suffer of some genetic-eye problems such while the PRA & RD.


They're suitable to a family-pet, as they are gentle towards-children. They doesn't get on peacefully with different pets so as different dogs and both may become destructive with them. Using care of the coat remains a demanding-assignment. They need proper-grooming every 6 - 8 weeks, & frequent brushing over their clothes once all day. Both like owning a good-yard to run-around in, though can be proper for living-in an apartment.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #146
2017: #146
2016: #141
2015: N/A
Breed Group:Herding
Size:Medium to Large
Life span:12-15 years
Height:Male: 24-26 inches (61–66 cm)
Female: 22–24 inches (56–61 cm)
Weight:51–71 lb (23–32 kg)
Litter Size:2-10 puppies, average 6
Puppy Price:Average $2000 - $2500 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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