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American Foxhound

American Foxhound
American Foxhound Photo #1


The American Foxhound-dog has its offspring-legitimately from French & English-dogs. They were taken to America in-1650, and extra than a hundred-years after the fact both they were raised a French-dog.

This dog was-sent of Lafayette to George-Washington as a gift. The dogs were utilized to look after Indians in the 17th-century. They also showed to be true-adepts to the hunting of wild-creatures. The American-fox has a generally best nose & also has a ton-of speed. It was never-planned that this breed shall simply be a-pet. The rich peoples who delighted on the hunting of foxes-deeply respected the dogs.


Although the dogs are extreme & intrepid warriors while they hunt, both are also delicate & affectionate dogs while they are on home. The American-hunting dog goes along very best with the young, as great as with different-dogs. Not all-foxhounds are nice to outsiders, some might be defensive.

These dogs shall be fenced, as both will take-off effortlessly after a fascinating-scent. This breed would generally not remain perfect as a domestic-pet, as both have a history as outdoor-pet hotel-dogs.


The useful-life of these breed is in general eleven to fourteen years. Its surface is thick & short, ranging between dark, tan & white, red & white, tan & white, & lemon & white. The height of American-Foxhound is around 21 to 25 inches, & the weight between sixty to ninety pounds.

They are physically built in all aspects &, therefore, need normal-exercise. There both couple of medical-problems associated among this breed, any of them are drainage-disorders, deafness, spinal-problems & hip problems.

Usually they stay healthy-until maturity however. In usually, this breed is everything but hard to live & quickly becomes a section of the family. therefore, it can be hard to prepare because of one’s fun-loving nature, also at a more placed age and, anytime, being disobedient as great. If these choice are not what one have, something against the race can be one to investigate.

They’re splendid among young people. There are no issues to coexist with various dogs, however, a careful-look should be there towards these small pets due to these hunting abilities of the breed. They have an endless-vitality and, to stop these inner enthusiasm, one have to give them long daily-walks. The faster, better, extra lively walking or either running with the dog is better. In a same way, as among all dogs, this dog-must realize that you’re in change & this will enable you to lead these route instead of push the dog.


The American Foxhound-dog is an extremely healthy-dog, and when anything is said, the dogs doesn’t have imperfections or either characteristic conditions. The dog also doesn’t experience the negative effects of these horrific disorders of these hip & bones that are get in some of these huge breeds. Be that as it-may, some hip-problems are the genuine of their variety in the breed, as both breed more & more. If you’ve a foxhound that’s high, you shall take additional consideration to be sure you doesn’t rush.

Breed Information

Popularity:2018: #187
2017: #187
2016: #189
2015: #181
Origin:United States
Breed Group:Hound (AKC:1886)
Scenthound (UKC)
Life span:10-12 years
Height:21-25 inches (53-64 cm)
Weight:65-75 pounds (29-34 kg)
Colors:Black White & Tan
White Black & Tan
Black Brown & White
Litter Size:5-7 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $400 - $600 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

Dog names

Rank Male Female
1 Buster Gracie
2 Leo Abbie
3 Winston Ginger
4 Bruno Princess
5 Ollie Dixie
6 Jasper Olive
7 Rocco Cookie
8 Gunner Josie
9 Rudy Katie
10 Sparky Shadow
11 Chase Bonnie
12 Chester Madison
13 Bruce Heidi
14 Mac Ava
15 Benji Sassy