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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Photo #1


This breed is strongly believed to have descended from mountain bulldog. Mountain bull dog is a cross breed of old country and southern bulldogs. This breed is now very rare but is said to have originated from England in the 18th century. It was brought on board by the southern settlers then raised by the farmers and hunters who lived at the pockets of the south.

Alapaha blue blood bulldogs were European dogs that were not so exposed to much heat and humidity. For that reason, they were crossed breed with the local dogs to give out a more adaptive breed.

During the American civil war, this breed almost disappeared. The name Alapaha was derived from the Alapaha river. Blue blood part of the name came from Buck Lane (one of the famous farmers) who the dogs and believed that the breed was a noble one.


The appearance of this dog can be really intimidating but the breed is a family friendly dog ever found on earth. The breed is very loyal, obedient, dutiful and protective. It attaches so easily to the people around.

The attachment is so deep to an extent that if abandoned by the family can suffer from anxiety. The separation anxiety could lead the breed to be mentally upset and become destructive. This is common to many abandoned pets who suffer from separation anxiety. The are friendly to children but it is important you be under watch as they play.

Besides being a good companion, they can be good alert dogs in your home. These characteristics makes them great watch dogs as well.

Life Span

Alapaha the catch dog has a lifespan of 12-15 years. Bearing in mind the health considerations of Alapaha Blue blood bulldog, you can enjoy spending time with this dog for so long. They are fast learners and won't give you a hard task while training them. Just focus on positivity on the training you give them. Teach the good behaviour but not aggressiveness when it misbehaves.

When properly raised, they offer you and your family the protection you all deserve. They are the best companion that will only show aggression when required.


Alapaha blue blood Bulldogs possess short, firm and glossy coat. It is advisable to brush it at least once a week to remove dead hair thus reducing shedding. bath it once in a while to prevent it from developing foul smell. No docking required for the tail, leave it as natural as it is.

Breed Information

Origin:United States
Breed Group:Working
Life span:12-15 years
Height:24 inches (61 cm)
Weight:Male: 100 pounds (47 kg)
Female: 78 pounds (34 kg)
Litter Size:4-8 puppies
Puppy Price:Average $800 - $1200 USD

Breed Characteristics

Apartment Friendly:
Cat Friendly:
Child Friendly:
Health Issues:
Watchdog Ability:

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